COP27 - Update on the ground

Racing to Resilience - COP27 Update

STOP PRESS - announcements from yesterday! 10th November... at COP27 ...


The Race to Resilience campaign has launched a new dashboard that will track the progress of their adaptation implementation. This comes alongside an update for the metrics framework launched in 2021, which is a cornerstone piece of the campaign, it constitutes the efforts being made by partners across all project types including identifying opportunities with resilience solutions up until 2030! At present, there are 36 total participants operating in 175 countries who have committed themselves fully to building more stable communities for around 1.9 billion individuals in 264 regions and 559 cities worldwide.

Also from Race to Resilience is the Insurance Adaptation Acceleration Campaign will mobilize 3,000 companies (50% of the market) towards achieving one outcome from Sharm El Sheikh's adaptation agenda. This new effort aims to scale industry efforts in reducing climate risk while pursuing public-private partnerships that reflect shared goals for protecting vulnerable populations.

The need for a unified global approach towards mangrove restoration and conservation has been confirmed and targetted heavily by Race to Resilience, with their partner the Global Mangrove Alliance (GMA) in collaboration with UN Climate Change High-level Champions. They are calling on signatories of "Mangroves" which supports Sharm El Sheikh's Adaptation Agenda to recognize that 15 million hectares will be lost globally within 2030 if nothing changes - we need your help!

The Race to Resilience has taken on new members who are more than doubling their commitment since last year, with some companies even pledging support for 15 million people in vulnerable communities. Global biopharma company GSK joins the campaign designed by UN Climate Change High-Level Champions which aims at driving global ambition into making sure that nature doesn't just survive but thrives despite any shocks or stresses caused due climate change.

Lastly, we saw the publication of the Regions Adapt on progress. The Regions Adapt initiative is a partnership initiative of the Race to Resilience, which brings together leading states and regions on climate change adaptation. This includes 70 signatory members impacting over 300 million citizens with their work!

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Billy B Richards reporting from South Sinai - Egypt.

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