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Positive change, and combining science with a wide range of commercial and entrepreneurial skills. I studied molecular and computational biochemistry at Oxford, I've already successfully launched and sold two businesses and was winner of the Oxford University All Innovate Competition in 2020.


My focus is on innovating and disrupting the worlds of emissions, carbon, and finance. I'm highly skilled with software engineering and hardware prototyping, and at Oxford, I specialised in building complex mathematical models for predicting environmental conditions, this gives me a unique edge in business and understanding complex systems, especially those relating to climate change. I'm a skilled fundraiser and recently led Changeblock through a big merger and acquisition deal, expanding our operations to Canada and Africa. I'm involved in government level discussions about the digital economy, energy shifts, and financing for climate action. I surround myself with diverse opinions and viewpoints, which helps me lead and incubate an innovation mindset. My time at Oxford, winning three scholarships, and my upbringing in the UK have taught me the importance of always aiming high and sticking to my values, from being thorough in my scientific work to staying true to my ethics.

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