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Billy B Richards

Scientist & CEO

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I strive to shape a future where technology and ethics work together to create progress and improve our lives. I believe in sustainable growth and the use of accurate, reliable and precise science & technology to make it happen. For me, information-honesty isn't just important – it's a key part of everything I do, making sure decisions, actions and, innovations are integrity driven and aligned with my principles.


My interests encompass an array of subjects that stimulate my intellectual curiosity and drive for personal growth. I am passionate about exploring different cultures and cuisines, as well as staying up-to-date with the latest scientific advancements, especially in the fields of biochemistry and physics. In my leisure time, I enjoy engaging in activities such as reading, hiking, and music. I really really love music, and what better way to get to know someone than listening to their music taste. You can check out my 2023 top played songs on spotify below... 

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